Aroma Reed Diffuser with Mediterranean’s Blue Fragrance


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A simple and beautiful design that emits power and confidence. The birchwood reeds rest inside a modernist glass vessel; releasing sensual, woody notes into its surroundings. Bold and urban.

Insert all reeds into the oil . The oil will be gradually absorbed by the reeds around 24 hours.

The period of usefulness last to 2-3 months. Specific period of efficiency can be varied and depend upon the temperature, humidity and number of reeds.


Blue Breeze – The refreshing and lively lemon gives off a strong smell with a lasting effect, followed by the fresh fragrance of flowers that fills your body with energy. Gentle and exciting, it transports you to the sea in the evening with its rolling waves and gentle breeze.


Fragrance Notes

Top: Lemon, Ginger, Moss
Mid: Geranium, Lilac, Fennel
End: Cypress, Vetiver, Musk

Additional Information

Fragrance Blue Breeze
Colour Brown
Fragrance Origin France
Box Size 128mm x 128mm x 146mm
Fragrance Volume 100ml



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