White Lily Diffuser with Fresh Lily Fragrance


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The mutual affinity makes emerging love, the luminous platinum shows no less innocent than the Eden’s blooming puppy lily, being integrative for the new blend of life essence – being together into eternity.


Fresh Lily – The body note is fragrance of Lily, blend with lily of the valley, jasmine and rose to create a fresh and charming aroma full with various of floral fragrance. The fragrance brings back all the romantic and sentimental memories, recalls all those precious and touching moments.


Fragrance Notes

Top: Lemon, Geranil
Mid: Muguet, Jasmin, Orchid, Rose
End: Musk, Powdery

Additional Information

Fragrance Fresh Lily
Fragrance Origin Japan
Colour Metallic Silver
Box Size 146mm x 146mm x 252mm
Fragrance Volume 200ml